Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day. It’s on Thursday. You didn’t forget, did you? Some people are into it and others, not so much, but if you’re planning to get gifts for the ones you love this Valentine’s Day, why not give them something that’s made with love? We turned to our Makers for their help in putting together a round-up of unique, hand-crafted, thoughtful gifts that will suit a variety of tastes. Take a look at the list and get your orders in fast before these products sell out, they are made in limited quantities, and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, after all.

As a side note, this is a new thing we’re trying here at Korduroy. We’re thinking we’ll put together another gift guide for Mother’s Day, so check in early for some one-of-a-kind gift ideas, and be sure to submit your products for consideration—info [at] korduroy dot tv, subject: Mother’s Day.

Doheny Rashguard Blue Shell/Bordeaux

By Amanda Chinchelli Greer and Seea

It’s no secret that we love Seea’s style, because they’re doing things with women’s surf wear that we just don’t usually see. We think this rashguard is the perfect gift for your quirky and design-savvy surf-lady love, but if this one doesn’t do if for you, there’s plenty more to choose from.

Order this one or browse others here:

Price: $65USD

San Diego Market Bag

By Kahana Kalama and Aloha Sunday

It’s likely that you don’t live in San Diego, but this bag was too pretty to pass up. Plus, San Diego is a beautiful place, so why not represent from wherever you are? We love this for the lady in your life, but Aloha Sunday assures us it’s for everyone.

Design specs and purchasing here:

Price: $68USD

The Plight of the Torpedo People

Photography By Chris Burkard

Made to accompany the film by the same name, this photo book takes a voyeuristic look inside body surfing. It’s perfect for the swimmer in all of us.

Order your copy here:!book/caxx

Price: $45USD

Salt+Wax Photo Book

By Mark Leary

This limited edition, signed photo book highlights the “real, un-stereotyped angles” of surfing and surf life. Only about 30 more copies exist, so get them for the surfer you love while you still can.

Take a glimpse inside and order here:

Price: $22EURO


By Michael Kew

Michael says his DIY travel book is perfect for the surfer with wanderlust. That’s just about all of us, isn’t it?

The store says Sold Out, but contact him directly and he’ll get you one on the fly.

Price: $30USD

Natural Machine

By Seth Pettersen

Cassette tape! The nostalgia of this is an acceptable enough excuse to buy it (as long as you’ve got a player), but the music is so good you don’t really need another reason.

Give it a quick listen then place your order here:

Price: $6USD

Maple Toy Hybrids

By Mark Marchesi 

These little maple wood toy hybrids remind us of the old days, when our dependence on oil wasn’t so wide-spread and our toys were simply fun. These make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for the little loves in your life.

Order through his store here:

Price: $20USD

Buckthorn Wooden Slingshot

By Kahana Kalama and Aloha Sunday

Dads, this is the perfect way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your kids, just as long as your wife is cool with it.

Check out the design specs and grab one for yourself and one for your kid here:

Price: $22USD


Got some cool products you’d like us to consider next time around? Send them to info [at] korduroy dot tv, subject: Mother’s Day.

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