Waste to Waves – A Solution to Recycling Your Foam

This holiday season, you will likely receive something that include that nasty foam packaging that keeps your new gift safe and secure in its box. But as soon as that gift is taken out of it’s packaging, that foam no longer serves a purpose and goes right into the landfill. As we all know, styrofoam like this is no good for our environment. But now, there is a solution for some, who live near a surf shop that is participating in the Waste for Waves “Turn Your Trash Into Slash” campaign. Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Collect All of Your Waste EPS Foam

You probably got it when you bought a new TV, computer, or some furniture. Most cities don’t let you recycle this, and it just feels wrong to throw it into the trash can. A much higher use for this foam is to turn it directly into a new surfboard blank.

Waste for Waves can only accept clean, white, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam.  This is exactly the same foam used inside EPS/epoxy surfboards, and it can be recycled many times into new EPS. In essence, it must be hard white foam used in packaging. If the foam has been used to hold food, or is soft or flexible, we can’t make surfboards out of it.

Step 2:  Find a local surf shop participating in Waste to Waves

Check Waste for Waves list of participating shops.

Step 3: Drop off your waste foam in the collection box for Waste to Waves

Waste for Waves only accept:
– Clean, white EPS foam from packaging materials (such as what came with your new television)

Stuff Waste for Waves cannot accept:
– No food waste contaminated foam – it will contaminate the blank
– No foam peanuts – these aren’t EPS foam
– No broken surfboards – give them to Rerip.org instead

Step 4: Enter the Free Surfboard Raffle

Win a free shortboard shaped by Timmy Patterson and painted by Mike Losness, simply for participating in Waste to Waves.

Step 5: Foam is picked up, ground up, and reprocessed into a new recycled EPS blank

Marko Foam picks up the foam on their regular route to deliver new surfboard blanks to shapers. They then grind up the foam and reprocess it into new EPS blanks.

Step 6: Ask your shaper to make you a board from a recycled EPS foam blank made through Waste to Waves

Recycled EPS blanks shape the same and surf the same as regular EPS foam blanks. While you’re at it, have it glassed with bio-resin. More info on eco-friendly surfboards can be found on the Guide to Eco-Friendly Surfboards.

For more on Waste for Waves, visit their website at http://wastetowaves.org/

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