Web Surfing: April 20-26

Alright party people, here we are again, another Friday. Today we have a video that feels like an acid trip, some crazy kids skateboarding in India, some hot babes shredding, and Brad Domke doing something for which there really are no words. Strap yourselves in. 

One & Only: Carissa Moore

Since we’ve got a Haley Gordon show up this week, we thought we’d take this opportunity to showcase some other smokin’ surf ladies. So here’s Carissa Moore, rockin’ it, as always. 

Black Garden – West Coast Dreaming with Mischa Davis

New Zealand surfing champion Mischa Davis’ riding style blends with the graceful beauty of her surroundings, the North Island’s west coast.

Brad Domke — Tow-in skimboarding? Finless surfing?

Showing off his mad skills for tow-in skimboarding/finless surfing/skurfing, Brad Domke is literally redefining the boardsport. To quote a reply on the YouTube video: “He was doing selfies under the waves… Does this mean if he surfs with a regular board he would be superman?” Probably. He pulled off a pop shuvit before getting barrelled (3:35).


If you have never driven California’s coastal Highway 1 then you will definitely need to watch all seven minutes of this video. If you are familiar with how beautiful our coastline is and how epic our waves can get, then you’ll just find yourself saying “well yeah, duh,” for the next few minutes. Either way, though, this video is a nice reminder not to take what you have for granted. This is California. Take it or leave it. 

Thomas Campbell

Skateboarding barefoot–recommended? Not that Roger Mihalko cares. In this short, shot by Thomas Campbell for Element, Roger grabs his log and hops on his skatey for an afternoon at the beach. And then he almost gets shot, but it probably would have been worth it. 

In Winter’s Arms

Ireland delivers a winter with stunning waves rolling into a rugged coastline, here it’s brought to you by Tom Lowe. But just in case the combo of graceful slow-motion and Ben Howard’s voice lulls you into serenity, there’s that wave at 2:02 that makes your gut drop.

Dunfee in Hawaii

The title says it all—except give you the number of tubes. But we’re too busy being a little envious to keep count anyways.

Mixtape 1/3

This film was shot over what looks like an extended acid trip. It’s dizzying and dreamy  and takes place somewhere we can’t pronounce and that may not even exist. If the ride gets too far out for your brain to handle, just think of your spirit animal and everything will be fine. 

Soli Bailey

Kaius Potter keeps churning out the hits these days. We caught up with him a few weeks back when he shared details about an upcoming Soli Bailey short. We knew it would be good, but we didn’t know there would be back flips involved. Score. 

Kilian Martin: India within

First off: this is insane. While it’s often up to the people off-screen to find the artistry in an edit, in this short feature filmmaker Brett Novak and skateboarder Kilian Martin find creativity on both sides of the lens. Secondly: remember to pack your skateboard on the next trip, lay-days just got so much better.

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