Web Surfing: April 27-May 3

Happy Friday everyone! This one feels like a long time coming and we have a good variety of videos this week to help you celebrate. We’ll start off with some crazy new no-handed bike moves that you should totally practice this summer, check in with Kelly Slater on the GMO threat, and then we jump around a bit geographically and aesthetically for some slightly more experimental stuff toward the end. Have you sent us a video yet?

“Golden Tree” by Martin Brooks

Bikers rejoice! This music video gives you plenty of new “no hands” material to play around with all summer. Some of our favorites: The Generic Gangster, MGM Lion and Def Leppard Drummer. If you try any of these, or if you make up your own, please bring your GoPro and send us the footage.

The Legend of Surfing: Kelly Slate | Living the Organic Life

We’re pretty sure everyone is going to be paying more and more attention to the GMO threat as the years go by, but a new short film premiering on YouTube will delve into Kelly Slater’s thoughts on the issue, especially as it relates to field testing that major corpoprations are doing on the Hawaiian islands that he spends so much time in. This is the trailer, in case you’ve missed in in the past couple months, or need a reminder as we get closer to when it’s supposed to premier. 

BOB – Last Day of Endless Summer

This might seem counterintuitive, but surf films are not only about the surfing. Many of them are about what it takes to get to the surfing. This short is about that. The pacing and build up is very nice, and although the waves are pretty abismal, after we watch how much effort was put into making the session happen, we have to give credit where credit is due. They work with what they’ve got out in Denmark, and we’re glad for it. 

Surf Coaching with Barton Lynch

Winner of the 1988 World Title, surfer-turned-coach Barton Lynch teaches techniques to foster “the development of a better person, not just a surfer.” We knew yoga was good for our surf-game but mental preparations—listen to music, don’t judge yourself, don’t psyche yourself out—are also in the line-up for Barton’s students. Looks like it’s time to reevaluate the pre-surf pep talk.


A lot of great musicians come out of Iceland like Bjork, Sigur Ros, Of Monsters and Men. As if channeling their spirits on a recent trip, Ben Gulliver and Reid Jackson pick at an acoustic guitar and sing an ode to this freezing and mystical paradise. Chris Burkhard and Mikey DeTemple accompanied them on the trip, and though their musical stylings are not included in this video, their camera work ain’t bad. Side note: if you aren’t familiar with any of the musicians mentioned earlier in this short paragraph, do yourself a favor and change that. 

Daughter, the movie, official trailer

An experimental black and white film on Super 8 and 16 mm that skips along the coasts of the U.S, Mexico and South Africa, “Daughter” is sure to please fans of modern vintage film. It premieres summer 2013 and features bohemian surfers of New York, California and Australia: Tin Ojeda, Mikey DeTemple, Kassia Meador, Scotty Stopnik, Rob Kulisek, Derek Hynd, and more. 

The Art of the Craft

We’ve been fans of Josh Oldenburg’s work for some time now. Remember Kahana Kalama’s recent Study Hull on the Oldenburg NXT? Oldenburg is part of an interersting effort by Starbucks to get in touch with the craftsperson in all of us, along with Santa Cruz-based Martijn Stiphout with whom we are less familiar (but if you surf his boards, do tell us about it!). Anyway, here’s part 1 of a 3 part series the corporation is doing with these super shapers. Espresso, anyone?


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