Web Surfing: April 6-12

We’re on a world tour this week to some traditional surf locales, and to some pretty unexpected spots… like a San Francisco dump. Cold-water exploration, an overlooked surf community, sustainable surf events, resourceful handplane-building, legendary surfer biopics, and a non-traditional take to snowsports – web surfing always makes for a fun ride.

A Ferrytale Journey

A few weeks ago, we told you a bit about the surf scene in Germany. With this clip, we show you exactly what we mean. Christoph Lieb is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Berlin. Here he gives us a glimpse into what they’re working with out there in the northern part of the country. It’s no wonder they travel to neighboring Portugal, Spain and France to get in some solid rides. But at least they’re trying.


Right on the Left 

The long trip up to Lofoten, Norway, an archipelago lying within the Arctic Circle, proved worthy for these Vans teamriders. Local filmmaker Edvart Falch Alsos captured the shots for this edit, showing us one of the reasons he calls the north his home.


Hope in the Dump

San Francisco is so artsy they even make their garbage beautiful. In this video, Recology, one of the city’s garbage dumps, takes us dump diving with Ethan Estess, who is currently an Artist in Residence at the facility. That means it is his job to make art out of his neighbor’s garbage. If that’s not rad, we don’t know what is.


OUT in the Line-up

“What? There’s gay surfers?” This is interesting. There’s a documentary on it’s way about homosexuality in surfing. Apparently, gay surfers are “like unicorns,” and this film is attempting to shine a light on the mystical creatures in order to create more acceptance in the community. We can dig it. This is the trailer, and if you’re interested in supporting the cause, visit outinthelineup.com/donate/.


Volcom Pipe Pro 2013 – Sustainable by Design


Our enjoyment of the ocean and coastal environments is tied to keeping them healthy. As surfers, we have a direct relationship with those areas and with that a responsibility to maintain them by creating awareness about sustainable practices and reducing our own negative impact. At the Pipe Pro, Volcom is stepping up as a leader in making professional surfing events more sustainable. By committing to greener standards and involving the local community, Volcom is turning the event into an opportunity to promote better stewardship and shows us that, with a little more organization, we can make big steps in the right direction.


Enjoy* “The Beginning of Something Big” 

“Making something out of something that already exists” – that’s the resourceful idea behind Enjoy* Handplanes. Discarded, broken boards of foam and fiberglass that can’t decompose can at least be reincarnated as functional and aesthetically pleasing handplanes.

Be sure to check out our cool collab with Enjoy*.


The Anatomy of Owen Wright

On-screen professional surfers seem larger than life, so it can be surprising meeting them in person. But there’s no reason to feel self-conscious about your size. An anomaly in professional surfing, at 6’3″ Owen Wright towers over his fellow competitors. Here, we learn his lofty stature measures up to his renown, and how he’s putting it to good use. 


Uncharted Waters — The Personal History of Wayne Lynch 

Uncharted Waters is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the life of legendary Australian surfer, Wayne Lynch. The black sheep of an already rebellious Vietnam-era surf culture, his approach to life and the sport have kept him at odds with the surfing subculture and society in general. Tour and location dates for the U.S., Europe and Australia are coming soon to patagonia.com/surfblog.


7x… A Short Film About Snowskating

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.” – James A. Michener

After seven unsuccessful attempts to land a snowskate jump, Matthew McGregor-Mento has proven once again that he’s got true character. The falls look rough, but he says they weren’t even that bad… just left him with a stiff back. For a quick recap of his jumps, go to minute 5:56.

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