Web Surfing: April 6-19

This week, we have a packed lineup and to get things started we go to Tasmania for a wild ride on Shipsterns. From there, we bounce around a bit to Cape Town for some alaia sliders, over to someone’s bedroom for a handplane quickie, over to Oz for an incredibly well-timed short by Kai Neville and so so much more. As usual, get comfortable and stay a while. We won’t tell your boss. 

Blue Daze

There is something about watching Shipsterns that is unquestionably awe-inspiring—perhaps it’s the blueness of the water or the sexy way the wave folds in on itself. In this clip, filmmaker Dave Otto takes an insane aerial view of this beast, giving us the perfect perspective to appreciate the wave’s power and beauty. This true birds-eye view also makes the surfers’ almost-successful rides as epic as their successful ones. While there may be times when wiping out feels this gnarly, there are few times when it actually looks it. Kudos to everyone who gave it a go. 

Remi Petersen

Finless boards are made to be twirled around and in this clip, Remi Petersen makes it look easy. Shot and edited by Cape Town-based Bianca Asher, this clip catches him and all the alaia glory out on Jeffreys Bay in the eastern Cape.

Homemade Handplanes

The anticipation of an upcoming trip to warm waters had two of the guys from Work Hard Ride Nice take preemptive measures. Turning their stoke into action they put a winter evening and some old skateboards to good use: reusing the materials to make handplanes. Totally tubular.

Beauty Pockets

This short by Kai Neville, featuring Creed McTaggart, Dion Agius and Mitch Coleburn takes us on a ride through Australia’s Pacific Highway, a place that looks to be unmarred by mass commercialization. Long, slo-mo shots mix with fast-paced, high energy cuts to create a rhythm that must mirror what it’s like to be driving through a lonely highway, anticipating a long awaited destination. Now might be a good time to take a trip to Oz. 

Barrels and Burritos

Ah, memories. They are easy to recount when you have a filmmaker for a friend. Even those moments when you got fully barreled might be worth looking back on and laughing about. Eventually. Here Brazilian Kaléu Wildner documents a surf trip to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, with surfer Alan Saulo. Presumably the burritos took place off camera, which is slightly disappointing — I thought we were going to learn that in Mexico it is customary to eat a burrito while riding. Apparently not. However, there are plenty of barrels here to whet your appetite. 

JD Lewis at Home

JD Lewis shreds up his hometown waves, showing us one of the reasons he thinks “all-in-all, Cardiff is just a really sick place to call home.”

10 Days in South America, parts 2 and 3

Apparently we lagged a bit last week and missed Part 2 of Jimmy James’ series for RVCA (blame Natalie for going to Coachella). So here we make it up to you by presenting both Part 2 and Part 3. The final installment drops next week and so be on the lookout for that as well. 


“Besides” is a web series of extra footage taken from Matt Kleiner’s feature film, “Way of the Ocean: Australia.” Described as a “visual feast of poetic motion,” the film captures the visceral connection of surfing and surf culture to Australia’s coastline. If you’re intrigued by these stunning outtakes, down the film on iTunes

Red Sky Morning

Red Sky Mornings alludes to the fabled mariners’ maxim, “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.” While most landlubbers take heed to avoid the ocean on these days of heavy storms in the North Pacific, surfers like up-and-coming rider, Arron Jackson, take on the pouring rains and surging swell for some epic sessions.


*Photo by Miguel Dias

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