Web Surfing: Aug. 31 – Sept. 6

We have a lot of shaping videos in today’s roundup. And Rob Machado goes to Japan. Oh, and, in case you were wondering if Padang-Padang was popping off last weekend, your answer is in here too.

Stomping Grounds

Stuart Kennedy returns home to Australia after a successful tour and by the way he shreds here, it’s clear he knows these waters well.

Handmade x Heartfelt: Mason Dyer

Mason Dyer has been working on Dyer Brand for quite a while now. We interviewed him about it back in November and now Raen Optics is getting familiar with his San Diego shaping style.


While Americans were celebrating Labor day last weekend, surfers in Indonesia were enjoying the best swell ever.

Through the Lens with Rob Machado

Oh man, does Japan look amazing or what? Can’t help but wonder if everyone wanted to play with Rob’s dreds. Also, unrelated, the logo for Through the Lens is brilliant.


Even if you don’t care that Shape Video is celebrating its one year anniversary, this video is an ode to all the awesome things you can do in a year, like hang ten, jump out of airplanes and ride in VWs with your bros. Every day’s the beginning of a new year, so go make something happen.  

Chipiron Surfboards

Shape for the break you’re riding. That’s how Damien Marly does it out in France. He seems like a mellow dude, and exquisite French music helps set the tone for a calming video about shaping surfboards and looking at pretty girls.


Groms! Well, actually, it’s hard to tell exactly how old these guys are. Surfers tend to have a young look about them. And what’s the grom cut off anyway? Whatever, the song, called This Perfect Day, says “don’t need no one to tell me what I don’t already know.” That about sums it up. 

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