Web Surfing: August 10-16

It’s really wonderful to see you back here. We’re g’d up from the feet up today, with a girl, a gray day in England, a GoPro video and a gosh-darn lot of other cool stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with the letter G. Enjoy.

A Day with the Port Glass, part 1

At first this looks like a shaping video, until you realize that the board in the bay is already shaped and ready to ride. Then you realize this is more about one English guy’s solitary day with his new surfboard, The Port Glass. Even though the sky is dark, it looks like he’s really enjoying himself. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. 

End of the Road with Kalani Chapman

Steady hands and big caves is pretty much all it takes to make an awesome GoPro video. Like this one. 

Dear Sylvia, love Steph.

Girls, girls, girls, girls. We don’t see them around these parts often, but when we do, we’re really happy about it. Here, Morgan Maassen caught up with Steph Gilmore down in Central America. Over a few days and a few bathing suits, she tears it up. 

Dungeons Cape Town

More from Dungeons this week. Now featuring Twiggy Baker, John John Florence, Albee Layer, Frank Solomon, Mike Schlebach, Andy Marr, Simon Lowe and others. It’s possible that this is the coolest name for a surf spot. Unless you’ve heard better?

Break Away: Trailer

This is the trailer for a German movie that follows a teacher’s quest to integrate the healing powers of ocean activities into the lives of socially and emotionally disadvantaged kids. Despite how depressing that sounds, it’s actually quite uplifting. 


Introducing ANGST

Ah to be young and angry for no reason… We’re really enjoying watching young Kaius Potter progress as a filmmaker and he’s lucky to have such awesome friends.

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun

These guys make skateboards out of trees. And while they don’t necessarily make it look easy, they definitely make it look fun. 

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