Web Surfing: August 17-23

Here’s a terrible confession: I went surfing for the first time in about 12 years the other day. To cut myself some slack, I did spend six of those years in Chicago and New York without a surfboard but still, I’ve been back in San Diego for more than a year and just now got the nerve to take out my board. I didn’t stand up, but it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. No one laughed at me (or even really knew I was there, struggling to find my breath and my balance), and I didn’t give myself a concussion. I consider that a big win. I’m fairly certain that watching all these surf videos has given me a leg up on all the other noobs out there, so call this the education station and don’t forget to take notes. We’ve got lots of good stuff here today. 

The stereotype of a Baja Trip

Who better to tell us about stereotypes than the French? Here, they take on Baja with Iron & Resin. Would you say they’re pretty accurate? 

Growing Deep

In case you were looking for an escape to paradise today, this is probably it. A gaggle of surfers on a recent day in Indo. Doesn’t get much better than that. 


A devotee of ancient practices, Johnny Fay uses his spirituality to harness the eternal vibrational energy of the ocean. Not just surfing but yoga, meditation, and guitar help Johnny create for himself a transcendental state of “Om.” Here he uses an old 9’6″ longboard to turn negative energy into bliss, one nose ride at a time. 

Alex Knost | California Summer

This is like the modern-day version of a Beach Boys’ music video. Babes, bikes and bros on surfboards in the California sun. It would be nice if everyday was like this.

Another Day in Paradise

I guess I spoke about paradise a bit too soon. This version looks slightly different than the Indonesian one above, but seriously these waves are mental, as in crooked, sideways and completely mad. The aerial perspective and the metal music add a level of urgency to this romp through South African surf country. 

Search for a Cool Place: Have a Nice Day

If the magic school bus took a snowboarding trip, this is what would happen. Look for the full-length film coming this fall.

Smoke and Diamonds

Dirty air and fancy people obsessed with their image–the title on this short couldn’t sum up Los Angeles any better. While the place isn’t known for it’s surf, these guys manage to get barreled once or twice. 

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