Web Surfing: August 24-30

Today we go deep with Carissa Moore talking about sex appeal in the female surf sector and Tanner Prairie explaining a bit about what it’s like to live in his big little SoCal town. But we also return to the lighter side of life with some longboarding GoPro footage, cartoon surfers in an unanimated world, and a Corona-fueled trip to the frigid waters of some undisclosed location. Buckle up.

Winter in the Seychelles

This is some excellent GoPro footage. Maybe we say that often, but you should know to believe us by now. 

Tanner Prairie | California Summer

RVCA is back with another websiode of “California Summer,” this time with advocate Tanner Prairie. It’s a film redux that delves into his life in Costa Mesa, Calif., his surfing and his shaping. 

(HEADSPACE:) Carissa Moore

The Inertia also has a web series out now, called (HEADSPACE) that digs into the minds of today’s most influential surfers. Here, they pry around in Carissa Moore’s brain, and we couldn’t be happier. O-SIDE!


Somehow this filmmaker was really able to capture the coldness of this water. Maybe it’s the icy-blueness of the waves, or the fact that it start in the snow, but it’s quite clear that no birds will be flying here for the winter. Google the coordinates to figure out where they are. 

Nat Young | Got Soul | Twin Fin

It’s not too often you see a top rated ‘CT surfer riding any sort of alternative style surfboard. But when you do, it’s always impressive to see the lines they draw. Current world #6 Nat Young goes to town on a twin fin in this clip by the talented Aaron Lieber.

One Odd Day

This is like a “Where’s Waldo” adventure. See how many cartoon people you can spot in the water. 

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