Web Surfing: August 3-9

We’re just gonna keep it real today: Here are ten videos that are directly or loosely related to surfing. It is likely you will enjoy at least one of them. 

Punto Aguacuate

We’ll get things started today with some mellow grooves from Michael Kew. Here he gives us glimpses from Rincon with Connor Coffin, Killian Garland, Trevor Gordon, Bobby Martinez, and Oliver Parker. 

Big Bad Greenbush

Ready, set, charge! This is a nice reminder that macaroni is not just for cheese. 

Here today…gone to Cabo

Apparently these guys Chris Ward and Matt King do this type of stuff all the time. What a life. 

Purple Twin

It kinda looks like this was made by filming a television, like when you’re trying to create a bootleg copy of some really popular show. Though it detracts from the viewing pleasure, the water acrobatics are worth adjusting your vision for. 

Metal Neck

This one’s a long one, so you might need to bookmark it and come back later when you’re not on someone else’s dime (assuming you have a job and you’re looking at this during work hours). But when you’re ready, it’s full of f-bombs and tallboys so you know it’s going to be a good time. 

Kelly Slater and the Chia Co. Farms

Chia isn’t just for pets anymore. It’s hard to tell what this product is, but Kelly Slater sure does like it. Guess that means you will too. 

Dungeons Delivers

Clean breaks, roaring swells, ambient electronica. This is dungeons without the dragons. 

No Means Go

Don’t teach that to your toddler. 

One and Only: Pete Devries

This is an interesting series from Hurley, and Pete Devries seems like an interesting guy. He likes cold water, remote surf spots and long walks on the beach…probably.

The Process

Maybe the black and white has something to do with it, but I could watch this guy shape all day. 

Soft Top Revolution

Catch a rare glimpse at Jack Coleman in front of the camera, shot digitally and without trippy animations. That might sound so bland compared to what you might expect from him, but it’s actually a good a** time. 

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