Web Surfing: Dec. 14-20

Here’s the good stuff from the internet this week. Happy holidays. 

Club Jenny

Reef rider Nick Rozsa is back and here he is mibbing through Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Surfing Jaws on an soft top

Jaws is certainly not a wave to joke around with. But in this clip, Nakoa Decoite takes it on with his Costco bought softtop. Ballsy or just plain silly?


Speaking of Jaws…


Well, these waves look dinky following those Jaw clips, but this RVCAloha session is still a good time.

Finless from the First Day

Brad Domke don’t need no fins, he was schemin’ from the first day.

Gone Tomorrow

Foster, Ian Durkin, Trevor Gordon, Bryan Fox go on an adventure.

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