Web Surfing Feb. 1-7

An epic wipeout, 40 minutes with two swell-seeking freestylers, a Brazilian babe and Rainbows plus more in today’s video roundup.

Horrible Wipe Out Caught on GoPro Camera

Worst surf collision ever caught up close?¬†Transworld Surf posted this clip of a girl getting absolutely demo’ed by a guy on a longboard.

Ideas at the House: Revisiting ‘Morning Of The Earth’

A look inside the making of a true surf-film classic.


Loaded¬†is all over the internet, but the all-star cast in Dane’s new video is worthy of another share.

Tin Whistles for Wooden Ears

40+ minutes of Burch and Derek Hynd? Yes, indeed!

Lara Valente: Summer in Rio

Some mellow longboarding from a Brazilian beauty.

Deepest Reaches

Will and Travers Adler cruisin’ on a microfish.

In Rainbows

Waking up at 2:30 a.m. to catch a piece of Australia’s most fickle wave.

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