Web Surfing: Jan 11-17

From inside the tube to majestic New Zealand or even extinct waves in Morocco, this edition of Web Surfing will get the stoke levels up and ready from a pretty nice stretch of waves on the west coast.


Mikala Jones gives us even more radical angles with his GoPro to marvel at.


New Zealand is holding…that’s for sure. The boys from Damaged Goods take us on an 8 minute mental tour.

 Zye Norris x Day in the bay

As the video’s description says: “Elegant, Clean and Simple.”

Joel Parkinson

Here’s a lesson in style kiddos. Joel is smooth as silk.


Apparently this wave only existed for a short while on a Moroccan military controlled harbor until the breakwater was extended. These two lucky surfers got to ride it before it was too late.

Lightning Bolt

Some archival footage from the Encyclopedia of Surfing.

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