Web Surfing: Jan. 25-31

Here’s our top webclips we came across this week….

5mm Bliss

Our friend Tom Petriken loves his wetsuit…good thing because you need it when surfing wintery New Jersey. Here’s a compilation of 3 sessions of tubes and turns.

Rincon Drone Session

It’s likely you’ve already seen this one buzzing around the interwebz, but it’s worth showing again. There’s nothing quite like the Queen, especially from this angle…

Standard Practice

This video’s description reads “The best of the best from the best.” According to Surfing Magazine, these are the best clips from 2013…

Kepa Acero – Rumbo al Desierto

Kepa’s on a mission from Mundaka to Afrika. Filmmaker Jon Aspuru caught up with him and his brother, Eneko, near the beginning of his trip in Morocco.

Cuillère de Crème

Some smooth noseriding from Clovis Donizetti at Villa Belza.

Straight Outta Wompton – Bodysurfing the Wavehouse

Dudes in speedos, bodysurfing a man-made wave. Too funny! Here’s the highlights from the first bodysurfing contest held at San Diego’s Wavehouse.

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