Web Surfing: Jan. 4-10

We skipped last week’s edition of Web Surfing so there’s a few extra clips in here that we didn’t want to leave out.


We’ve seen a lot of great films featuring this character, but Enjoy is definitely coming in toward the top of the list.

Trevor and Ryan v.Bowls

Trevor Gordon and Ryan Lovelace get in a serene pre-sunset winter session.

Where’s Sancho @leftovers

Apparently we’re still looking for Sancho. But without the help of drones this time.

Endless Roads

This is an entire movie about ladies longboarding in Spain! That’s awesome and you should probably stop what you’re doing and watch the whole thing right now.

Finding Fickle

Just the backdrop alone makes any clip that Pete Devries worth watching. Plus filmmaker Ben Gulliver is top notch.

Belharra meets Hercules

Hercules the movie hits theaters today. But Hercules the storm hit Europe first.

Surfing Zebra Sumatra

Two German adventurers head out on a quest to find a surfing Zebra in Sumatra…

Rough Cut Southern Delight with Tom Curren, Tyler Warren and Friends Summer 2013 Somewhere in Mexico

It’s Curren…so of course you should watch this…


Cy cures his winter blues by taking out a 11’2″ Ryan Burch glider at the Queen.

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