Web Surfing: July 13-19

On Monday, there will be a full moon and it will be super. That’s what astrologer Richard Nolle named moons that are at their closest point to the earth in orbit–“supermoon.” There was a supermoon in May, and the largest one of the year was in June, but the July supermoon will still be larger and more in charge than most. If you look carefully at the moon now, it’s almost as if you can see it grow as it gets closer and closer. For us in the United States, it will reach maximum size at around 2 pm EST on July 22, but it will still be vibrant once the sun goes down, so it may be worth taking someone to the beach for an evening moongaze.

Last night, someone told me that when the moon is so close, it’s possible that its gravity can weigh heavy on us earthlings. This is unsubstantiated, of course, but if you’ve been feeling a bit bogged down this past week, maybe you’ll feel better once the moon begins to roll back away from the Earth. Or maybe these videos will make everything better.  

TIKI Surf Company

Happy 50th birthday to Tiki Surf Shop in Britain! Remarkably, they are still owned and operated by the same people, running out of the same storefront. To celebrate, they’ve put together this clip of archival footage from their romps around the world spliced with contemporary rides. 

Jack & His Girl

Well aren’t these two Aussie lovebirds adorable. Couples who longboard together stay together. We’re pretty sure that’s a fact. 

Andy Irons and crew v Shipsterns

Questionable choice on thumbnail, but good nonetheless, this no-frills 8mm video features curse words and lots of close-ups. Alternate title: True Life Andy Irons. 

Neptune Place – Episode 2

As promised a while ago, here’s episode 2 of Derek Dunfee’s summer series “Neptune Place,” starring Lucas Dikse, Skip Mccullough, Joe Roper, Jojo Roper, Mike Stuart, Bub Silver and Jon Dupont. The day is a little foggy and most of the riders have trouble on these choppy barrels, but gloom and wipeouts are a part of life so this is a fair reminder. 

Three Wolves

Here’s more from Derek Dunfee, this one with a little more polish. Bigger waves, brighter rash guards, stiffer competition, this is a compilation of two years’ worth of his footage pulled together for our favorite Frenchies over at Desillusion Magazine. 


This video was shot and edited in 2013, but the music choice makes it so very 60s. But bringing us back into modern day are the cuts to a photo shoot happening on the beach. Of course Bub is more concerned with the waves than the half-naked beauties, but the filmmaker does turn his head for a few looks. They look bored. Bub made the right choice. 

One Average Day

“Average” in Noosa is different than “average” anywhere else. Here’s why. 

Alex Knost | Bali

Alex Knost and The Growlers, together in Bali. Excellence all around. That’s really all there is to be said about that. 

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