Web Surfing: July 20-26

Today we have more skating that usual. Not for any reason in particular, other than that these two videos are some of the best (from any genre) that we’ve seen in a while. There’s also a quick little jaunt to the Mediterranean in a hot car and a glimpse into a shaping studio that is messing around with patterns. I heard that we’re at about the middle of the summer over here in SoCal. Savor the sunshine. 

Filipe Hage NOSEriding

The intro to this video is great, even though there is a weird jump from intro to…other intro. The graininess makes it look like it was shot in Super 8, but we can’t be sure. Either way, the longboard is killer and Filpe Haige knows how to ride it just as well as he knows how to shape it. 

A Saturday in Cardiff

San Diego’s North County is home to a meditation temple, tons of great food, Hansen’s Surf Shop, and plenty of surf spots. It’s a precious little enclave that has managed to maintain some of its hippie weirdness through years of development. While the quality of this video isn’t great, we appreciate this young filmmaker’s attempts to document a day in the life of the surfers who dwell here. 

Out of Line: A Short Skate Film

Skating through the city never looked so cool and colorful. This super shortie is like a modern version of an old school film reel and the effect is so simple and fun to watch, creating one of those “damn, why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

The Revenge of the Beasts

Who doesn’t want to defy gravity? For skaters, that mission is usually a painful one, but landing your first aerial makes it all worth it. This Vimeo Staff Pick follows a gang of skaters in slow motion to capture the trials, errors and ultimate success in skate jumps. 

Mate & Create

We see a lot of shaper videos, but most edit out the sounds of the shaping bay, choosing instead to provide a smooth instrumental background to support the visuals. This clip has background music but keeps the sanding sound that makes us feel like we’re right there with the shaper. It also syncs nicely with the music which is a neat trick. But it’s really about the graphics they’re using to decorate the oddly shaped masterpieces. Originality all around. 

Mediterranean Surf Culture 

Driving an El Camino to the beach is surely the stuff of rap songs. Apparently that’s just how they roll in the Mediterranean. The waves are small but the jumps are high and the music is rockin’. 

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