Web Surfing: July 27-August 2

Today, there’s a little something for everyone, even robots. From shapers to sessions in Bali to virtual kooks and a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic, here’s a little bit of the best stuff the internet has to offer. 


Whenever we talk to people about shapers in the San Diego area, Josh Oldenburg’s name comes up with exclamation marks to follow. He’s a true craftsman and we’re enjoying following his rise. Here’s an inside look at what he’s up to and why.

Tattoos, Bintangs, And Bali

In case you didn’t know, Bintang is an Indonesian beer. It’s name literally means beer. But more importantly, there’s a Deus 9-foot involved here. it all goes down so smooth.

Kook Surfer on Vacation

Virtual insanity! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could wear smiley face boxers to the office? There’s also something hilarious about robots using curse words.  

A dog has died

More from Indo. No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

Matthew and Pamatatau

Working for weekends like this. It’s an interesting choice to go from color to black and white to color, but it seems to work here. Do you dig?

Black Sapphire Sea

This is what it’s like to surf on Sao Miguel Island, one of nine little specks almost exactly in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Portugal and the U.S. east coast. It’s not just about the surf, but about the unique weather patterns and historic European architecture. Looks like a true hidden gem.

Levi Green and Wyatt Gibbs Get Vicious

Out for an afternoon skate, Wyatt and Levi take some high speed lines down hill.


Filmmaker Michael Kew finds himself in the Indian Ocean with Daniel Jones and Jason “Salsa” Salisbury. Things could be worse…

Seeking A Cover Up

Trevor Gordon and Joe Curren find some shade in some Mexi tubes. Yes, it may look like the usual clips of them surfing The Cove at Rincon but we promise…it isn’t.

The Fortune Wild – Trailer

Ben Gulliver takes us on a little adventure along the Canadian coast with Pete Devries and Reid & Arran Jackson. Is there a more beautiful place to surf?

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