Web Surfing: July 6-12

Hello and welcome back to the best distraction on the internet. Today we have a couple shaping videos, voyages to Noosa and Brazil and a fine lady longboarder, among other delightful little clips. Settle in here and catch everything else on the flip side. 

Flowandsoul Alternative Surf Craft

We have an Auditorium feature coming up with Quinten Wyns, but in addition to being a photographer he also makes videos. So while you wait for the photo gallery, we thought we’d introduce him by way of this shaping video, shot on 16mm and quite beautiful. 

Jai and Friends

I had a dream that I went longboarding last night. It was great, except I left my wallet, sunglasses and a random boogie board I was carrying around for some strange reason on the beach after I left for the day. I didn’t realize it until I got home and had to drive all the way back to the beach. But it worked out because I ended up running into an old friend from high school, and no one stole my wallet. This clip from Noosa has an equally happy ending. 

One Minute in Santa Catarina

When you first hear it, one minute doesn’t sound like a long time, but you can pack a lot of action into those sixty seconds. If you have one to spare, check out pro surfer Yuri Goncalves tearing it up in Brazil. Are those his initials on the bottom of his board? Interesting choice. 


More shapers for the roundup today. This time, from a surf shop in Victoria, BC. Stop by next time you find yourself up north. 

Strange Brains: Dusty Payne

I’m glad someone just came right out and said it, people have strange brains, perhaps especially surfers. Volcom has this web series trying to get deeper into the minds of these super weirdos. The intro animation reminds me of when MTV was cool which is fun, it’s just that, it makes me think that there’s going to be some interviewing of Payne so we can actually get a feel for what goes on inside his brain. But if you don’t care about that and just want to watch top notch surfing, then you won’t be disappointed. 


This feature film was shown at the San Diego Surf Film Fest this year and now it’s available on iTunes. Check this trailer and if you dig it, download it here.

The Girl Next Door

This is Jess Kelly. She’s a longboarder and total badass. Your mom would probably even like her. 

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