Web Surfing: June 1-7

In today’s roundup, we check in with John John’s recovery process and get introduced to a 16-year old skater who’s already doing things that pretty much no one has done before. We’ve also got some goofy bodyboarders, the standard surf trip stories, a shaping shorty from Hawaii’s North Shore, and a surprisingly candid discussion about air reverses with some of today’s biggest names in surfing. It’s Friday. It’s June. Things could always be worse. 

Water Ninjas

You don’t really expect to hear a Lady Gaga remix in a surf video, but I guess the bodysurfing crowd is a little more experimental, at least it looks like way in this video. There are speedos and chicken heads and experiments with natural phenomena. And lots of cool waves. If you were feeling sluggish, this will perk you right up. 

Longboarding: Wyatt Gibbs

Check out this incredible video of the 16 year-old longboarding prodigy Wyatt Gibbs doing a mind-blowing 120 ft slide and barreling down a winding mountain roads at 50 MPH. Yes, 50 MPH. His balance and poise is incredible. It looks like his feet are actually glued to his grip tape. And the camera work here is great too, constantly reminding you that this hill is really, really steep. This kid is living proof that nothing’s impossible. 

John John in Rehab

We’ve all been very concerned about John John Florence since he had to pull out of the Billabong Rio Pro 2013 due to an ankle injury but we’re glad to see he’s getting back into the water, slowly but surely. This video shows him easing his way back into it, with a cast of other characters along to show him how it’s done…yeah right. 

Letters from Morocco XIII

Morocco used to be a hippie surf haven, back in the sixties and with this video, it’s easy to see why…empty beaches, medium but solid waves, a good amount of solitude. Looks like a great surf destination for a romp in the water. 

Fly me to the Moon: The Death of the Air Reverse

This is part of a new documentary series from STAB Mag and Carlton Dry, exploring aerial surfing. The intro animation is top notch and the first shots feature the director making a lot of really well known surfers very uncomfortable. This about sums it up: “There’s guys who can surf these days that don’t know how to throw a proper carve in or flow with the wave, the only thing they know how to do is fly down the line and do a spin.” Are you one of those guys? These pros have some thoughts to share.  

Adventure Time

It’s adventure time for a couple of our old friends–Jack Chellemi and Lucas Dirkse, who were both instrumental in the filming of Cy’s Stoked & Broke. They’re tearing it up in Southern Baja in this short clip. 

The Birth of a Mini Simmons

The Birth of a Mini Simmons surfboard – tore surfboards from adam funari on Vimeo.

Kent Senatore lives on the North Shore of Hawaii, in the heart of everything. He is Tore Surfboards and here we get an inside glimpse into his shaping process. Like all good craftsmen, he is very particular. 

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