Web Surfing: June 15-21

We’re all over the map this week, with clips about turtles, an outdoor shower made with an old surfboard, Harrison Roach being Harrison Roach and some more really great body surfing. Plus Instagram stop-motion animation and a sunset session. All told, it’s a good day to be by a computer. Unrelated note: consider making LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” the soundtrack for your weekend. 

A Honu Experience

This is Leah Dawson’s latest installment of the Sea Appreciation Project, staring a young surfer and a beautiful sea turtle. It premiered as GoPro’s Video of the Day this past Wednesday. In case you’ve forgotten, Dawson is the filmmaker who gave us the gem Peanut Butter, about her favorite found surfboard. 

Firewire Surfboards featuring Stu Kennedy

This clip features Daniel Thomson and Stu Kennedy putting Daniel’s latest modern planing hull designs to work. With their wakeboard-esque outline, these boards undoubtedly allow for tight turns and plenty of speed. Looks fun to us!

Excuse the Roach, pt. 2

Andrew Gough just dropped part two of his series of short clips with Harrison Roach, Excuse the Roach (see part 1 here: http://andrew-gough.com/film/2013/2/12/excuse-the-roach). He’s still awesome, if you were concerned. 

RVCA CaraVAn Tour

RVCA has one of the most impressive ambassador programs, and even though we know it’s all for the sake of brand promotion, we still love to follow these people around on their trips to where ever. This time, the crew gathered together for two weeks of van life, causing a sess pool of creativity to ooze from every seam. Watch what unfolded and start planning your own road trip with your favorite merry band of pranksters. 


In an attempt to compete with Vine, Instagram introduced a video feature this week. While you’re create Pros and Cons lists about which social network to use for your video sharing, two guys decided to explore all the things you can do on Instagram. They ended up making an animation with 1,556 Instagram photos, following a guy who just really wants to get to the beach. Shall we put one on the board for team Instagram? Is Vine dead on the wire now?


Yesterday, I was standing on the pier in Pacific Beach, alternating between watching the sun set and staring at the smattering of surfers trying to catch the mutant waves the broke in pieces against the pillars. Even though the waves were wretched, there’s something incredible about floating in the water as the sun sets over the horizon. My friend pointed out the larger group of longboarders just up the beach at Tourmaline, and I imagine they looked a lot like the ladies and gentlemen in this DOHO clip, all the way down to the pink tint that sometimes kisses the West Coast sky at this time of day. It’s a small world after all. 

Not all boards were meant to ride waves

Alright, at first look, this title seems outrageous because what’s the point of having a board that isn’t ever going to go in the water? Apparently they meant to add “anymore” here, because it’s not like this thing has never been used. It’s just that it’s old, and instead of feeling guilty for having it an not using it, this dude decided to turn it into something he could use. What he came up with is a little unexpected.

Point Panic – South Swell

More memories from this month’s South Swell that rolled through our fine city, and many others. This one is just about bodysurfers at a place called Point Panic. Wouldn’t be my first place to stop, but it looks like they had a good run, and no one had to run out of the water for an emergency Xanax. Wins all around. And just in case you missed our latest episode of Surf Sufficient, get
some tips from Keith Malloy on how you too can body whomp like these guys –

*Header image courtesy RVCA

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