Web Surfing: June 22-28

So much good stuff here today, from guys ridnig a tidal wave in a Welsh river to dudes tearing up the streets of Chicago to one very particular man who makes cool videos but seems massively OCD (and maybe a bit paranoid). Settle in, maybe put on some jazz in the background, and get ready for a hot one. 

Harrison X Zye

This clip is about a guy named Harrison surfing with his friend named Zye. It’s not the Harrison we’re all familiar with but it is the Zye we’ve never heard of. Harrison and Zye don’t care for shoes because their toes prefer to fall off the edge of a longboard, gently caressing the water as it rushes beneath them. 

Bore Riders

Surfing isn’t just for oceans. In Whales, people surf on a tidal wave that rushes through the River Severn. Kind of like that German wave we told you about earlier in the week, the one that is created by a ship that will no longer be in operation soon, this tidal wave only comes through the river every so often and once it’s gone it’s gone for a while. But, of course, that doesn’t stop these people from waiting in freezing temperatures for it to come barreling through. Watch this movie, get into their heads a bit and then read more about the natural phenomenon here


This is just a good ass time, especially because there are wipeouts. Is that terrible? Nah.

The Wildly Functional Studio of Video Wizard Casey Naistat

Casey Naistat makes movies and light switches and surveillance systems and punching bags, among other things. This is where he works and if you aren’t sure where his creativity comes from, you aren’t looking hard enough. 

Consistently Random

This edit comes to us from filmmaker Mike Cochran, following Dane Anderson through Southern California last spring. And there are dolphins. 

St. Losers

To serve as a contrast to the pristine and open waters of all the above clips, we bring you skate kids from the grimy streets of Chicago. But before you push play, look at this guy’s left arm in this thumbnail. How many joints does an arm have?

Filippo Orso

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Tuareg Rebel Rockers

We leave you this week with a short profile on a North African band working to spread messages of freedom and liberty through a land ravaged by terrorism, from our friends at Huck magazine. It’s just a little something for you to stew on as we head into a holiday meant to celebrate our own freedoms. 

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