Web Surfing: June 8-14

Hello, hello, hello, and how ya doin? This week brings a nice assortment of web-based nonsense with everything from super south swells for the U.S. southwest and lots of skateboarding plus a bike that serves as a massively impressive pack mule. Some are long, some are short, and one contains a special link to a Notorious B.I.G. song that should instantly make today awesome. 


Southern California had a great run with an incredible south swell last weekend and it brought out just about everyone and their mother. This clip features some epic wipeouts as well as footage of body boarders, body surfers, and surfer surfers living together in perfect swell harmony. If you were in the neighborhood, I hope you didn’t miss this one. 

Inside The Man Van With BMX’er Zak Earley: Crooked World

Network A takes a peek inside BMXer Zak Earley’s rig. Though it doesn’t look as neat and tidy as some others that we’ve seen, he still manages to smash a lot of stuff inside. And he seems super stoked on it so we’re happy for him.

‘A Journey through Shelly Valley to Whisky Barrel: No way out’

This clip comes to us from a reader who explains it was shot in Super 16mm with some cross processing, which means it’s intended to be easy on the eyes and even provide a little warmth from through your computer screen. But regardless of what you think about that footage, the intro animation is excellent.  

JOJO Roper

Erik Derman shows of Jojo’s San Diego mojo. Swag! Swag! Swag!

City surfing: Dufarge & Bink cruiser

Here skate company Dufarge gets to works on mini hand-carved wood skateboards that remind them of when they were little skater groms. Nostalgia can inspire the best creativity.

Fear and Loathing in Australia

I guess actions sports always result in a kind of love hate relationship where you love landing tricks but hate potentially breaking your face. Here Oakley mostly focuses on the love part with Ryan Sheckler, Eric Koston, Rune Glifberg and Curren Caples’. You can check out more from the skate trip through Australia here: http://oak.ly/13E0M5T. What woiuld Hunter S. Thompson do? 

Team Average 2.0

More skate kids from down under, this time in New Zealand. They call themselves Team Average, but we’re going to assume they meant to quote Biggie…”sicker than your average, Poppa twist cabbage on instinct…” And although the soundtrack to this video doesn’t include any gangster rap, it is still quite good.

Bike & Gear

bike&Gear from afewsketchymoments on Vimeo.

How much gear can you pack onto a motor bike? Probably not as much as this guy. 

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