Web Surfing: March 15-22

This week, we’re cleaning out the queue and bringing you a massive Web Surfing roundup. Make some guacamole and crack open a beer, you’re going to want to stay a while. 

Anything Sing

Reef has three films slated to premiere this year (the second is Cy’s so stay tuned for details on that). Here we have a trailer for the first film, Anything Sing made in conjunction with What Youth to launch in SoCal in April. It will also be digital on May 1 through the What Youth website. been filming the project for the past few months and we will be doing a premiere tour throughout SoCal in April and the world digital premiere will be May 1st on what youth.com. For behind-the-scenes footage, check here, here, or here

The Eagle Has Landed

We all know Kirra showed her face again for the first time in a long time the day after the Quiksilver Pro final went down. And the web has been buzzing with videos of some of the world’s best doing what they do at a flawless point. But this video, in particular, slows it down and shows that when Kirra is on, it’s hard to find a more perfect spot.

Outside the Box

Peter Devries charges through some solid waves in a cold water session shot by Adam Chilton. Shot with Canon 5dIII, Canon 24-105, 100-400, the lines are as crisp as the ocean probably felt that day in Tofino. 


Filmmaker Luis Hernandez got in touch over Facebook to share this little flick following Alberto Garcia through some colorful countryside. If you see him surfing near you, be sure to get the eff out of his way, because, from the looks of it, he backs off for no one. 

Sterling Rides

Sterling Spencer recently posted up here in Encinitas, California. To welcome himself to the neighborhood, he went out for a winter swell sesh with filmmaker Michael Cuykr. He did the editing himself. And if you dig the soundtrack, Beach House is touring, with Cali stops in Big Sur and Coachella coming up. 

Leste Oeste

This video is a low-fi, experimental short video made with “super cheap digital technology and a lot of post production.” It came to us from Tumblr user Mau Domingues and he tells us it’s about a road trip from the east coast of Brazil to the west coast of Chile. The mind-melding edits will bring you right along with him through the winding road that eventually, miraculously, leads to the ocean. 

Dodging Tourists

Noosa was just in the newsa for the Duct Tape Invitational but filmmaker Andy Staley canned this short of Dane Peterson and Matt Cuddihy logging it up out there over the summer.  He asks that viewers please excuse the shaking, he’s on his way to buying a more stable tripod. 

Lifestyles and Standards #1

Skoya Creates shows us how to live with style and standards in this wacky surf travel trip through Cantabria, Spain and the Basque Country, and France.


Here’s a reminder of how fast waves move. This super quick video follows John John Florence and his brothers as they catch a few (very large) waves off of a rare sandbar at Pupukea. Shot and edited by Isaac Zoller. 

Ain’t We Got Fun

The boys at Deus Bali have been having some fun lately by the looks of their new (relatively long) short featuring Harrison Roach, Thomas Bexon, Husni Ridhwan and Deni Firdaus. As a side note, we’re loving all the high quality animation that’s being put into surf films these days. 

Pucha Garcia Profile

It’s no surprise that to Sonia “Pucha” Garcia (and to any surfer, really), surfing is everything: her life’s source of energy, passion, and fulfillment. In this short clip by Erik Derman, Sonia discusses her draw to the sport in Panama, as well as her role as motivator for budding female surfers throughout Latin America.

Byron Bay Surf Festival

It’s never too early to book a ticket for Oz’s Gold Coast, especially if it’s to attend the Byron Bay Surf Festival (Oct. 25-27, 2013). In its third year, the festival celebrates all niches of surf – in art, music, literature, board design, film shorts, workshops, and seminars – at a spot renowned for its creative energy and surfing heritage.

Weird Al

If you’ve taken the trippy joyride through Super 8 film with Jack Coleman’s Secret Sound Underground, you’ll recognize this animation sequence of a toe-headed surfer riding waves of vibrant kaleidoscope patterns. Brought to you by artist Andy Davis, here’s an extended version of the animation short that’s reminiscent of retro surf comics of the 60s.

Bella Vita

We’ve heard of “La Dolce Vita,” the classic film of a man’s exploration of love and the good life found in the streets of Rome. Well, “Bella Vita” (bellavitafilm.com) is far sweeter. Following surfer Chris Del Moro and friends during his pilgrimage back to his ancestral Italian homeland, this film explores the modern surf culture that has blossomed from a country of old-world tradition and unchanging natural beauty.

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