Web Surfing: March 23-29

Settle in for your weekly dose of surf uninhibited. We’re mixing it up this week with a couple skate vids and a special treat toward the bottom–along with all the surf videos you’ve come to expect. Enjoy the ride.


Kaius Potter is not even 18, and already he’s got legit street cred as a filmmaker. He’s done clips with Stu Kennedy and is now working closely with Soli Bailey for upcoming projects. This clip shows Dave Rasta taking advantage of the spitting waves and gloomy skies that kept other surfers and bodyboarders away at Lennox Head Point, NSW.

Twin Peaks

Derek Hynd and Travers Adler monkey around at Rincon to show that any day, big or small, is a good day in the water. 


This is the video of a 17-year old surfer Pama Davies from Bondi Beach, Australia. Watch him tearing it up in Noosa, set to the fuzzed out psych-rocke stylings of Thee Oh Sees. Shot and edited by Dane Singleton.

El Mirador

Rick Brayner spent five years studying jazz guitar and contemporary music in Barcelona. There he passed a lot of time on the beach watching all the people coming and going. He was captivated by the characters and eventually decided to start filming them. After moving back to Brazil, he was really missing the company he grew accustomed to in Spain and he found himself spending a lot of time with the images he shot on the beach in Barcelona. So he made this, shooting, editing, scoring and skating through the whole thing. It’s a charming love letter to a place that will not be forgotten. 

Devin Howard x Tyler Hazikian v.2

Erik Derman coming through with a clip from Cardiff with Devon Howard playing around on the Tyler Surfboards 9’6″ Double Stepdeck, with 10″ 4A Greenough single-fin. Watch how this bad boy rides. 


Sk8 everything with Kalem Beange and Izak Reeves.

Slave // Jack Lynch

Rhythm Livin takes a three-day joy ride with Jack Lynch as he “slides, jives and burns walls” all up and down some pretty good sized waves. When he’s not surfing, he wears cool shirts. 

Kelsey Brookes – Like Knows Like

Take a slight detour from surfing videos for approximately five minutes to meet Kelsey Brookes. We’ve been fans of his work for a while, and it’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon.


In case you missed it up on the blog earlier this week…this clip by our friend Ian Durkin follows The Worble crew on a DIY skate adventure through some of the natural and manmade features in Vermont. 

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