Web Surfing: March 30-April 5

Today we head to South America and Pipeline (x3). We check in with John John and the turn that busted his ankle and we go on a camping trip with Raph and friends up in Tofino. At the end, we introduce you to a far out video collective making some wild stuff out of San Francisco. 

10 Days in South America, pt. 1

In case you missed it, RVCA released the first of it’s “10 Days in South America” series this week. Created by Jimmy James and featuring Alex Knost, Ellis Ericson and Ford Archbold this week, check the series release schedule to catch the clips as they come debut.

If I Wasn’t – Noa Deane

If Noa Deane couldn’t surf, he’d be a golfer or a chef. Based off the looks of his swing and his cooking skills, it’s a relief he’s so good at surfing.

Collect Call from Canada

KTV Maker Adam DeWolfe and Raph Bruhwiler welcomed Dane Anderson to their local woods in Tofino for three days of surfing, camping and, strangely, hot tubs. Edited by Mike Cochran.

Fix the Shadows

Wandering Warren Smith has revealed himself and fellow friends, surfers and photographers in the far reaches of the U.S. As a photo documentary project, Fix the Shadows chronicles the photography, skate, and surf sessions that came out of an unplanned three-month trip along the coast of Maine. Some footage is inspired, and some of it’s just a bunch of guys messing around – but all are equally legitimate parts of the creative process.

Free to Roam

John John Florence is a freak…we know this. And his freakish abilities continue to shine in his collaborations with filmmaker Blake Kueny. This clip follows John John through his recent trip to the Gold Coast and features some great skate sessions too, with Greyson Fletcher and Jack Fardell going wild in tagged-up bowls. After three minutes of solid shredding, the clip ends with the twisted ankle which has sidelined John John for the time being. Nevertheless, amazing.


There are a lot of people exploring a surf location in a series of web videos these days (see above for RVCA’s travels to South America, and the Salute the Sun series we posted earlier this week). This one by LEAF is a high adrenaline documentation of Pipeline “in all of her glory.” Nirvana is the soundtrack, so prepare to get loud and dirty. Parts two and three continue below. 



Fortrait #1: “Driftwood Cabin”

Encyclopedia Pictura is a filmmaking collective of three guys based in San Francisco. In addition to making art shorts and music videos, the group is also interested in community building and agriculture. This short is one of four that was commissioned for the True/False film fest. We recommend you watch all four and then watch a few of their videos, because they are worth it.


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