Web Surfing: May 11-17

Today’s roundup expands beyond surfing to explore some pretty interesting DIY energy consumption and production projects and gets back to Josh Oldenburg for some more details on his shaping philosophy. But, like always, we do have plenty of surf film trailers and short clips from of surf travels from around the world. Settle in, stay a while. 

Remind me to Forget

Catch the teaser to Jeremy Asher Lynch’s “Remind Me to Forget.”. The full-length film, tentatively set to release on May 26,  explores the significant tie between memory and feeling – how our sadness, joy, shame and pride exist as reactions to poignant memories.

Open Source Ecology

We’re trying to get in touch with this group of open source ecologists to do a more in-depth blog feature about their goals and motivations, but they’re understandably hard to get ahold of…living on a farm that you’re building by hand will do that. Well, hopefully they are still living and working on the farm because they have some really interesting ideas and the possibilities of these ideas actually expanding out into the world got us pretty excited. Maybe you too?

Surfing Alaska

Come for the song, stay for the scenery. This clip explores Alaska through a boat-based surf expedition set to the incredible “Move to the Ocean” by Brick + Mortar. Though the waves aren’t fantastic, the fact that there are snow covered mountains behind these guys as the glide through isolated ocean is pretty amazing. 

The Art of the Craft, chapter 3

The third and final installment of Starbuck’s Art of the Craft series is here. With this video, they get back to Josh Oldenburg for some series details on his shaping philosophy and explanations about his greatest shaping influences.

LA AVENTURA Nº11, pt. 3

Last week we introduced you to Kepa Acero’s latest, top secret film project. Here’s the next bit of information. You can catch all the videos and start putting the clues together here, and we’ll share more details when we can. 

Turning Soda Cans into Solar Panels

Pardon the video quality here and just pay attention to the invention: This guy has created a solar panel made out of aluminum cans and in this video he shows us how. What a perfect excuse to drink more beer. 

Pau de Jangada

We don’t often get to see shapers working on alaia boards. Maybe that’s part of their mystique. In this clip, though, we see that the shaping process is pretty similar, but the surf results are much different. The cuts on this clip are a little rough, but it’s always fun to watch something get used by the same hands that made it. Thanks to @mondobaltazar for the share on Twitter.

A Deeper Shade of Blue

It’s likely that you’re already familiar with Jack McCoy’s A Deeper Shade of Blue. It played in a few select theaters around the world last year, but now it’s available for exclusive download from Chill. Check out the trailer here to re-familiarize yourself with what some people have called “the greatest surf story ever told” and download your copy here


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