Web Surfing: May 18-24

Welcome back to Friday, folks. We have a nice roundup today, with a few standard surf shorts, an iPhone recap of a walking trip through Baja, a technical discussion of a new fin technology, skimboard shapers and an up close and personal look at a Grizzly Bear. Make yourself comfortable. 

Surf Berlin

Surf Berlin is a documentary film about a lone surfer on a quest to surf the only German wave before it is gone forever. Here’s a taste of what he’s up against.  

Absolute Nice

The decision to make this film in black and white has made all the difference. And the slow somber music pairs surprisingly well with the speed Dylan Graves is able to achieve on most of these waves. A beautiful little piece by Julian Martin. 

Walking Baja: Scenes from the Phone

Remember our How to Travel Baja series with the guys from What is West (in case you need a refresher: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). We recently came across this video montage of the more candid moments of the trip, shot from an iPhone. They say it gives an honest, frank and fun view of what life was like for them hiking down the Baja Peninsula. As you can imagine, trekking through the desert for months exposes you to lots of new things, and makes you a little loopy on occasion. Thanks to the What is West gentlemen for sharing both. 

2001 Surf Odyssea

After we published the story “Chris Nelson on What Van Life Used to Be,” Demi Taylor, Chris’ van and life partner since the journey, got to thinking about the trip and all the things that happened that year. In what she calls a “moment of nostalgia” she put together this little clip from footage they took during the year that they spent driving around the coast of Europe. 

FCS II & FCS Origin

FCS recently announced their new detachable fin system, intended to be assembled right on the beach. In this video, a few of their riders explain why it’s a good idea, and the brains behind their business give some details on what prompted them to make this product in the first place. As with any “innovation,” there’s lots to discuss. Surfer Mag has a forum up with lots of interesting thoughts passing through. Watch this video and then check out the conversation here


There’s something about watching craftsmen work with wood. It takes a surprising amount of strength but finesse and patience that not everyone can endure. This video comes to us out of Bordeaux, France, where Free Your Mind and Your Ride Will Follow are shaping all kinds of boards, from traditional logs to alaia asyms. Here they give us a rather intimate look at the process of shaping a wood skimboard. They have a bunch of other great vids on their Facebook so check them out if you like what you see here. 

A Grizzly Ate My GoPro

What does the inside of a grizzly bear’s mouth look like? How high def is a GoPro, really? All of your questions will be answered if you have four and a half minutes to spare for this video. But please make sure your breakfast is fully digested. 


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