Web Surfing: May 25-31

It’s mostly about longboarding today, with a couple clips from Noosa and a short but sweet little show of fancy footwork by a girl named Taylor. There’s also the trailer for a new documentary on an aspect of van life we hadn’t yet been introduced to, as well as handplanes made out of pretty unique materials and words by Eric Koston. As a side note, if after you’ve finished watching these you’re looking for a soundtrack to the rest of your day, consider Best Coast. Especially if you don’t live in California. Until next week!

One Arvo with Jai

Here’s some footage of a longboarder at Noosa around the same time as the Longboarding Festival, which explains the crowds in the water. Despite the masses, Jai Lee shows us he sure does know how to handle that large piece of equipment. 

Flying Dutchman’s Handplanes

The Flying Dutchman don’t give a flying f*** about what’s new on the market. It’s all about recycling here, and some of the materials they use to make a handplane will surely surprise you. 


This movie, dust.resin.water., looks to be a pretty standard glimpse into the shaping bays of some fellows we’ve not seen before. But every craftsman has his own perspective on things, and it’s nice to hear details about shaping from those who know best. If you like what you see, you can buy the movie here: http://dustresinwater.com/trailers/.

Small Waves

Small waves need love too! This video is a goofy reminder that even the flattest days can still be fun. It’s the perfect time to work on those moves you’ve been wanting to master, or to show off to your friends. 


It’s no secret we’re interested in #VanLife here at KTV, but this is a side of the lifestyle we haven’t seen before. This documentary is about the Van Nationals, a private, annual gathering of people who drive vans. They call it Vannin’ and it doesn’t look like any Volkswagens are involved. 

T.C.S.S. presents a Docu-mentary

More from Noosa today. This one from Nathan Oldfield for The Critical Slide Society. The animations here are a lot of fun, making up for the fact that sometimes the surfer’s head is cut off. It’s mostly the usual suspects, but they’ve really turned up the gymnastics this time around. And their vests make them look like Skittles. 

Tippin Cows

I went to college in the Midwest, where people actually do tip cows for fun. Apparently it works a little different in Halifax. Once again, surfing saves cows from unnecessary harassment. 


Hey look at that, girls can longboard too. 

This is Eric Koston

Skating is a curious mistress, and even Eric Koston is still a little bit amazed at how much he loves her. He’s also a tad surprised that he rides her for a living. Think of this clip as a twelve page love letter, one that oozes with romance, sentimentalism and a little bit of erotica (in the form of skating). 

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