Web Surfing: May 4-10

A bit of secrecy surrounds today’s Web Surfing roundup. Maybe just with this first video, but starting things off with a trailer for an as-yet-unnamed movie by Kepa Acero kind of puts your mind in a certain place that it doesn’t easily get out of. Stay there for a few minutes and see where it takes you.  


All we can say about this is, it’s a trailer and it features Kepa Acero. Watch it, get excited and wait for more details to come soon.

A Neo-Modern Aesthetic

Most art is social commentary, or at least that’s what I (Natalie) like to believe. You’d be hard pressed to argue against me on this one: filmmaker Ted Whitaker mashes up voice-overs reading Instagram comments and overlays them on top of surf footage to create an interesting echo chamber that does well to mirror real internet life. This one requires a bit of attention but it’s very worth it. 

Balmorhea – Pyrakantha

Balmorhea is a band but from what we’ve seen of them, they are more like a soundtrack for experimental filmmakers. Jack Coleman did one of their music videos, an expansive and meandering piece for the song Days. Now they are back with a song called Pyrakantha and instead of surfing, they’ve taken to the streets of Los Angeles with pro skater Danny Garcia and filmmaker Colin Kennedy. This video has a slow build, but the shots are stunning and you will swear that Kennedy himself is on a skateboard at some points. Balmorhea’s songs are so mellow that it’s easy to forget the video is about them. We say watch the video all the way through, and then let it play without watching the images, just to fully appreciate the music. 

Handmade and Heartfelt: Process

A handmade product goes hand-in-hand (excuse the pun) with its heartfelt creation process. This time we’re not talking about board-shaping and surf crafts, but about sunglasses. Raen Optics shows a short clip of how they produce their handcrafted eyewear.

One Day Session with Alan Saulo

Watching this might make you a bit dizzy, but Jimmy Hendrix will keep you grounded even if Alan Saulo does not. 

Art of the Craft: Martijn Stiphout

Last week we brought you the Starbucks Doubleshot clip of Josh Oldenburg and told you a bit about the Art of the Craft video series they are doing. Well, today marks the launch of the second video in the series, this time with Santa Cruz-based shaper Martijn Stiphout, owner of Ventura Surfboards. Last week, someone mentioned we should get to know Stiphout better, because he’s rad, and we believe the guy. So this is our first attempt, and we hope there will be more. If you’re in Santa Cruz, he’ll be at an event tonight at Stripe Men, starting at 8. 

*Photo by @grant_ellis, taken in Ireland. 


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