Web Surfing: Nov. 16-22

From useful things to outrageous things to mellow surfing in Indo and lots of time outdoors in Iceland, this week’s Web Surfing is quite nice if we do say so ourselves. 

The Joy Machine

“Why would you stop riding your bike just cuz you have a car?” Very interesting question. More interesting, however, is a double-decker bike. Ever seen one of these around? They’re endlessly cool to stare at. This video brought to us by Huck Magazine.

Surfing and Camping in Iceland with Ian Battrick

Ian Battrick has been to Iceland seven times in the last seven months and has never slept inside once. This clip chronicals his latest five-week stay. 

Neal Purchase Jr | Indonesia

Some mellow mood music to go with a session at Secret Sumatra.


Remember June 8, 2012? The dudes at one palm media want to make sure you do, with a surf documentary about “one of the most specatular days in surf history.” Here’s a look at what they’ve got of that day at Cloudbreak (aka Thundercloud Reef), Fiji. 

How to Turn a Beer Can into the Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need

Well, this is extremely useful.

Bonzer: The Mothership Trailer

Any opportunity for space travel and surfing to come together in one movie, it’s likely to be a good one, even if the space travel is only metaphorical.

*If you haven’t watched “Under the Desert Sun” over at surfermag.com, you might want to do that now (they don’t allow their videos to be embedded on other sites which is annoying and why we usually don’t post their stuff in Web Surfing, but this one was too good not to mention).  


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