Web Surfing: Nov. 2-8

We start things off a little headier than usual, with a tribute to a lost legend, an exploration of drive and motivation and some thoughts on comeptition and sex appeal in surfing. But we round things out with a reminder about how gnarly Alaska is, how epic Mundaka barrels can be, and how fun it is to surf in Indonesia. So as always, it’s a good time inside the Web Surfing train and we’re happy to have you aboard. Please keep hands and feet inside the vehicle and don’t forget to tell your mother you arrived safe.

Goodbye Buttons

An upbeat tribute to a true legend. Cheers to Buttons, may he rest in peace.

Creatures of the Deep

When is it time to give up and when is it best to keep pushing through the pain? It’s hard to know, and both have their virtues. With this short, filmmaker Josh Brine offers some motivation and a tip of the glass to those who persevere. 

(Headspace): Kassia Meador

The Intertia continues its webseries (Headspace) with Kassia Meador touching on competitive surfing, sex appeal and a fear of spiders among other revelations.

Surf Alaska

You probably saw this on our Facebook or somewhere else on the web, but this trailer covers so much ground and Alaska looks so amazing that we had to post it here just to be sure you have this page bookmarked for the series.

Ghost Beach

Shape or be shaped, mofo.

Mundaka: Inside the Barrel

More great stuff coming out of the north of Spain this week. Oh and while you’re vibing on Mundaka barrels, maybe you’ll find yourself wondering about Basque culture. If so, make sure to check out Homeland

Jason “Salsa” Salisbury – Lose Yourself Somewhere

Salsa in Indo. Hold the guac.

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