Web Surfing: Nov. 30 – Dec. 6

Happy first-week-of-December! My how time flies. It goes really fast in one of these videos, where you witness the highlights of one year of Peter Mendia’s surf life, but then it slows down a bit when NRVL takes an inside look at artist Hector Menendez hard at work. There’s a (long) short about the trials of traveling through the Angola desert and a tutorial from John John on the pull-in method. Plus some other gems, like the one where it’s hard to tell the difference between surfing and snowboarding. Strap in. 

Under Desert Sun

Nineteen minutes in Angola.

John John at Pupukea

Learn how to pull in with John John. Ask your friends how to pull out. 

Mendia: On the Journey

Spend a year with Peter Mendia at all the best surf destinations.

NRVL Death Club – Hector Menendez

Dun dun dun. This is really good. 

Segment from Into the Mind

The editing on this is so stellar, it’s hard to tell when you’re watching surfing and when you’re watching snowboarding. Amazing.

“Black Friday” Banzai Pipeline

While you were punching people over a $10 pair of slippers and waiting in line at 5 a.m. on Black Friday, the North Shore was having the best NW Swell ever (or at least in a little while).


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