Web Surfing: Nov. 9-15

G’day! Here’s some of the surf stuff that happened on the internet recently. What are you watching?


For people who live in coastal areas that are cold, there’s nothing astounding about cold water surf, it’s just how it is. But it’s hard to imagine exactly what that looks like. So here to show us is filmmaker Chris McClean with beautiful glimpses of the surf in Iceland and Norway.

Sal Puro do Oesta

What’s the surf like in Portugal, you ask? Here’s why O’Neill thinks the small country bordering the North Atlantic Ocean should be your next surf destination.

2013 Show Reel

It’s a little early to be wrapping up 2013, but since Starbucks is already pumping out their holiday lattes, we figure what the hell. Here, Kaius Potter compiled some of his favorite moments from the year. 

The Way of the Whale

Mexico is always an adventure. Are you prepared for anything?

Board Bible Bloggery

Say that 10 times fast. And then grab your favorite board and get surfing.

Exotic Aquatic Dances: The Kegel

The title explains everything. This guy has fancy footwork.

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