Web Surfing: Oct. 12-18

This week we’ve got our usual “anything goes” mentality. We’re all over the map, literally and figuratively, with videos from Nambia, southern France and Iceland as well as stories about shapers, bros on surf trips and an homage to the serenity of water.  

One of the Best

Not everyone can make it out to Nambia to surf spinning cylinders at Skeleton Bay. But surfer Hugues Oyarzabal can give you the next best thing…inside and out of Skeleton Bay from your computer screen.

Pacific Northwest Shapers – Scott Rowley

Canada’s oldest surf shop is taking it upon themselves to make sure everyone knows their shaper on more than a first name basis. They’re releasing a series of webisodes featuring local shapers from up and down North America’s Pacific Northwest coast. This clip on Scott Rowley marks the beginning of what is sure to be a great series.  

Neptune Place – episode three

This completes Derek Dunfee’s small web series “Neptune Place.” We’ll miss it, but it’s likely Derek has something else equally as great up his sleeve. 

Lovers Carvings

This comes to us from the south of France, where the beaches are topless.

GOAL ZERO: Iceland

Iceland looks beautiful and slightly terrifying.


This is a nice calm way to end things.


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