Web Surfing: Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

Here to take over where the sugar (or alcohol) left off, this week’s Web Surfing features an oldie but a goodie with a skate trip in China, a recap of the two European spots at very different points in the Atlantic Ocean that blew up this week, and some stuff about shapers.


Ordos is a place in Northern China where the people are too rich to go out in the streets. So these kids skated them, and they loved every minute of it. 

Nazare Blow Up

By now you know, Nazare was going off this week. Here’s a reminder. 

Abiding Tides

This video makes an interesting editing decision, splicing together rides on three different boards into one cohesive and lovely 2:00 minute clip of Brett Caller. Everytime you blink he’s putting his fancy footwork to use on a differernt board. 

Howlin’ Homage to Handmade

Something about watching a board get made and then watching it get used just never gets old. Here, Sunshine Coast shaper Mitch Surman shapes everyone from groms to good pals on the Noosa waves. 

Urriak Hogeita Zortzi: Mundaka

We know you saw this, but since we’re recapping Nazare here it seemed only fair to reminisce about Mundaka’s lovely lefts. 

Wombat Mark II

It can take years to perfect a surfboard design. This is one surfer’s attempt to get it right the second time around.

Hector Santa Maria

Oh the font on this opening credit is just too cool. The surfing’s good too.

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