Web Surfing: Oct. 5-11

Things get pretty weird as we go along this week. Just roll with it. 

Jai Zaye and Josh

Just some classic loggin’ from Jai Lee, Zye Norris and Josh Constable. Righteous. 

The Shop Next Door – Chris Christenson “Dead Sled”

Chris Christensen’s ‘Dead Sled’ looks anything but dead as Brett Caller takes it for a spin at an Australian point break.

GoPro: Mikala Jones surfing …purring green, orange and yellow cats.

This one’s been making the web rounds all week, but it’s so epic that we had to share it again because it’s worth watching more than once. 

Globe Presents: Ice Cream

Is that you, Wes Anderson? This short surf film is so much more than a surf film. It’s a classic love story set in Mexico, shot with exquisite filters and loads of whimsy. The only bummer is it only last 6 minutes. 

Avocado Pizza

Ever wondered how a pizza slice would ride? Well, now you know. 

Mexico | California Summer

Always a wild ride with the RVCA boys. 

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