Web Surfing: Sept. 14-20

This week, we have two trailers to stoke you out on films that could not be more different from each other. They bookend this list, starting things out with a pensive, travel vibe and sending us off with the desire to go break stuff. In between, you’ll meet a surfer who’s wetsuit you will surely want, an artist with serious skills, and Jack Coleman.

The Salt Trail // Trailer

If you think of traveling like education, then you’re bound to amass an enviable amount of knowledge while giving yourself an excuse to go to places you might otherwise talk yourself out of. This movie is about the world that you’ll see when you go for it and damn does it look beautiful. 


Long intros full of aboriginal people and surfboard prep are usually interminably boring, but there’s something about the pacing of this new John John Florence short that will suck you right in. This is some mighty fine filmmaking indeed. 

Soft Top Revolution pt. 2

Jack Coleman is back with more soft-top sillyness from Orange County. Anything following that John John clip is going to look like crap, but Coleman’s having such a good time here that it seemed like a good transition piece. 

Hiding South

Kauis Potter just graduated from high school. It’s not question that we will be seeing plenty more rad surf clips coming from him in the very near future.

Cayucos Pier

Inspired by a photo he saw on Chris Burkard’s Instagram, artist Bobby Boss got to work on a painting of the same location. This is a time lapse video of him at work. He makes it look so easy. 

Roy Stuart. Surfer.

Come for the wetsuit, stay for the woodie. The audio quality is not great, but Roy is someone you will be glad to have met. Trust.

Kook Tour Trailer

The Growlers once said “we don’t want to live like kooks.” These guys clearly do not agree. If they were going for the 90’s action-sports version of Jackass with this, then they’ve succeeded and we can’t wait to see more. 

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