Web Surfing: Sept. 7-13

Be warned, you might be planning a trip to Africa after you make it through these videos. At the very least, you’ll be reminded how badass Nathan Oldfield is, and you’ll probably learn some wood chopping techniques. All in a day’s work, ladies and gentlemen. Happy Friday to ya. 

Hand Made – Almond Surfboards

Monster Children, the painfully hip surf/music/photography/interview magazine, has jumped on the DIY train with a new video series called “Hand Made.” They kick things off with Dave Allee and the scoop on Almond Surfboards.

Sen No Sen Fall 2013

A lot of you dear readers are running small clothing companies or making videos for small clothing companies, so we thought we’d share this Sen No Sen video lookbook so you can get ideas about what works and what doesn’t. It’s certainly an interesting way to go.

The Heart & the Sea

We’ve been telling you a lot about The Heart & the Sea this year, like when we did that interview with Nathan Oldfield himself, and when we mentioned it in pretty much every post we’ve done about the international film festivals or when we brought you a gallery of images from in and around the filming. So it should go without saying that we’re stoked to present you with this little excerpt from the film. 

The Working Artisan’s Club: Miscellaneous Adventures

More videos from magazine land, this time from Huck Magazine, purveyors of radical culture. Here they talk about nature with Andrew Groves, the guy who brought us incredibly useful tips on how to work with wood in the great outdoors. He also designed all the art on our YouTube channel. What a talented dude. 


“Before we came here, we had no idea what to expect.” That’s usually the best way to go about things. No expectations, no disappointments. But what these two brothers found when they got to the coast of Africa was not even something you would bother to dream about. They say they just stumbled across these waves, but that seems too good to be true. Either way, though, the footage is incredible. 

Hippy Tree

This is a nice mellow place to leaves things off this week. May you have a weekend filled with all of this and more. 

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