Weekly Round Up // August 13 – 19

This weeks top stories include:

How To Make A Surf Video – Korduroy x Vimeo

If you’re a water enthusiast, the ocean’s waves are a source of endless fun. Harnessing a wave’s energy and coasting down its line is an incredibly unique experience, as no two waves are the same. The ocean’s unpredictability offers an added joy and challenge, but it can make producing a good surf video a little tricky. But fear not! Learn how to capture sweet surf action with aesthetic grace in this collaboration between Vimeo Video School and Korduroy.tv. Watch it now!

Harrison Roach – Episode 7 – Happy Beach

Harrison Roach finds solace in the warm water of Bali, showing off his versatility and smooth style under the curtain and off the lip. Watch it now!

Some Thoughts by Tom Petriken

In this installment of ‘Some Thoughts’ surfer/writer/VW Bus enthusiast, Tom Petriken, shares a little anecdote about passing on his knowledge and stoke for surfing to youngsters which in turn brings him back to being a kid again. Read more

Making An Anti-Commercial – How Do

In this installment of ‘How Do’ we explore shooting an “anti-commercial,” a product driven video which doesn’t necessarily overstate the brand, with surf filmmaker John Lynch and editor Darrin Roberts. In other words, an anti-commercial uses a bit of charm and story telling to sell a product in use without being too in your face about it.  Both John and Darrin share their thoughts as they explain how they used their film ABROAD as a way to show how PENTAX are making competing DSLR cameras. Hint: These anti-commercials are also a great way to get a project financed in a different way then most are used to. Read more

Grain Surfboards Workshop at Camp Korduroy This October

Our good friends, Mike and Nolan from Grain Surfboards, are making the trek out from Maine to teach one of their world-famous workshops at Camp Korduroy this coming October. This is only the third class they have taught outside of home state of Maine and we are honored that they chose our spot in Encinitas as their next traveling workshop. Read more or sign up now!


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