Weekly Round Up // August 20 – 26

This week’s top stories include:


In this episode of D-I-Why Not?, Mr. James Nestor explains how he converted his ’77 Mercedes 300D to run on waste vegetable oil, which he gets for free from local restaurants around his home in San Francisco. Learn the basics behind his setup and see how you can potentially drive for free. See more about the show.

Some Thoughts by Serge Dedina

In this edition of “Some Thoughts” we hear from Serge Dedina who is the Executive Director of WiLDCOAST as he shares his thoughts on living a stoked life. Read Serge’s article.

Auditorium with Grant Ellis

SURFER Magazine’s Photo Editor Grant Ellis has a keen eye for finding the perfect moment that captures so much more then just an incredible maneuver or split second in time. In this installment of Auditorium, Grant shares some of his latest images to a track by The Stone Roses. View Grant’s gallery.

Surf Coaching, Part One: Sean Mattison

At Korduroy, the majority of our energies are spent on subjects that involve finding stoke outdoors. For most of us, this means catching some waves, going on a hike or skating down the street. But for some groms and their parents, the idea of getting paid to surf is an attractive dream that warrants hiring a coach to take their skills to the world stage. While this endeavor doesn’t apply to most surfers, the refined wave knowledge of Sean Mattison, Brad Gerlach, and Chris Gallagher can help us all have more fun in the water as well a provide a behind the scenes glimpse into the exclusive world of high performance shredding in this three part series on surf coaching. Read Part One.

Surfing the Slow Life

As the world continues to open-up, and as surfers travel further afield, celebrating food heritage is one way that we can help to keep local traditions alive, and the world’s communities economically and culturally strong. Learn more about slow food in this article by Korduroy contributor Sandra Tinari. Read the article.


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