Weekly Round Up // August 6 – 12

This past week was ‘Concrete Week’ featuring 4 shows. In case you missed them, here’s they are:

Pool Party

Few people know that just inland from Encinitas sits skating’s equivalent of Teahupo’o. This exclusive bowl is carved 13.5 feet into the earth of Bucky Lasek’s backyard. Enjoy a session with Bucky and friends on one mild San Diego summer afternoon as they tackle the 2 feet of concrete vert in this beast while burgers sizzle and beer tops pop.

Chris Miller – InnerViews

Chris Miller is a shining example of a person who’s been able to translate lessons learned from an athletic area to one of business. Along with contemporaries like Tony Hawk, Chris has helped push modern skateboarding into the mainstream world with his participation in the clothing company Planet Earth and the shoe company Adio. In this episode of InnerViews, Chris reflects upon his life from his bone crushing beginnings to building successful brands while sharing wisdom and epic runs with his son Zach.

Grant Brittain – InnerViews

Beginning his photography career in the early 80s at the famed Del Mar Skate Ranch, which he managed for years, Grant Brittain has become the definitive documentarian of modern skateboarding. For decades his images have conveyed the diy/punk ethos of skateboarding by chronicling the exploits of those re-appropriating their antiseptic urban environs into endless playgrounds.

In this episode of InnerViews, we head over to Bucky Lasek’s state-of-the-art backyard bowl for a private session to watch Grant in action and also stop by Grant’s studio where he provides us with a great perspective into a lifestyle that has kept him stoked for over 30 years.


Fasting – Health Nuts

In this episode of Health Nuts with pro skater Justin Richter, we look at the Master Cleanse and fasting as a whole as a way of giving your body a break from digesting processed foods. While we at Korduroy do not personally endorse the Master Cleanse due to its high sugar content and lack of nutrients, we feel that the lessons Jordan learned on his journey are ones that transcend the type of fast he chose and exemplify living a conscious life.


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