Weekly Round Up // May 21 – May 27

This week’s top stories include:


Starting From Seed – D-I-Why Not?

In this episode of D-I-Why Not?, we explore how to start your veggies and herbs from seed in the most cost and time efficient ways possible. Watch the show.

RETO – The Recycled Skateboard Surfboard

Dating back to December, 2011, Björn Holm has been hard at work collecting broken skateboards from friends, relatives, and fellow skaters in his community. His mission: a daunting DIY project of building a 6’4″ fish made exclusively from old skateboards. Watch the show.

Transistioning from Photo to Video – “How Do”

“How Do” is a new feature series that breaks down how things are done by creatives around the world. The first installment looks at moving from photography to filmmaking via the clip “Somewhere in Galicien” with Swedish Photographer Daniel Mansson who did this short with Swedish surfers Peter Sahlberg & Jens Holmer. View post.

The List #7

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