Weekly Round Up // September 10 – 16

This week’s top stories include:

Tatsuo Takei – InnerViews

In this episode of InnerViews, Tatsuo Takei tells us how he stays true to his analog photography roots by giving up a lot of things that Japanese and American cultures say that you need, instead following his heart and doing what he loves, no matter the cost. Watch the show.

Making It: Jake Donlen

Runamuk Vistuals Jake Donely talks about how he got to where he is today, the projects he’s working on, his dark artistic style and the important influences of his wife, son and mates. Read more.

Surf Coaching, Part 3: Brad Gerlach

Brad Gerlach is one of the most influential professional surfers in the industry. Brad had a stellar professional career, and now continues to educate other’s on surfing including recent US Open Juniors champion Conner Coffin, through his keen sense of ocean knowledge and experience which will no doubtedly help progress any surfers skills on any level. Read more.

Some Thoughts by Chris Murray

Chris Murray is that classic blend of art and science. He started out as a geologist but has been practicing landscape photography professionally for the last 15 years. In this installment of ‘Some Thoughts,’ he talks about the difficulties of making your art your work, and how sometimes you just can’t help but want to turn back time. Read more.

Gallery: Rick Malwitz by Chris Leaman

Photographer Chris Leaman shares a recent photo series he has been working on of East Coast shaper Rick Malwitz. All photos are shot on film with Ilford 3200. View the gallery.


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