Weekly Round Up // September 17 – 23

This week’s top stories include:

How To Van Camp – D-I-Why Not?

Living in his van and directing social media for Patagonia, Foster Huntington divides his time between hitting the road in search of new terrain and camping in friends’ driveways in Ventura. An apt pupil of van life, Foster shares how to camp in your van in this edition of Korduroy’s D-I-Why Not?


Auditorium with Nathan Oldfield

Filmmaker Nathan Oldfield has been as busy as ever lately, neck deep editing his upcoming film “The Heart & The Sea” the past few months. The film features a wide variety of surfers including Joel Tudor, Jarred Mell, Johnny Abegg, Belinda Baggs, Chris Del Moro, Alex Knost, Sage Joske, Harrison Roach, Ryan Burch, Tom Wegener and a whole lot more. Be sure to also check out the trailer for the film! In this installment of Auditorium, Nathan sent us a giant selection of images with a track by Community Radio. View the gallery.

Making It: Shawn Stussy

Shawn Stussy shares a bit about his path through design, his creative process and board building with Korduroy contributor Carletes Saez in this new ‘Making It’. Read interview.

Some Thoughts by Paul Kelway

International Bird Rescue responds to oil spills around the world and save seabirds at our California wildlife hospitals year-round. Their Executive Director Paul Kelway shares ‘Some Thoughts’ on the connection to surfing and wildlife. Read article.

Handplane Hoedown Summer 2012

Korduroy’s James Campbell was on hand this past weekend in San Clemente to catch some of the slip sliding action down at the Handplane Hoedown.


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