Welcome to Korduroy.TV

Welcome to all things Korduroy.TV. This blog will be updated with plenty of cool stuff and other junk we think is important.

Korduroy.TV was born from a disillusionment with our culture of mass production. From ocean swells to mountains and their valleys, we live in a playground of free gravitational fun. Its this bounty that has inspired us to create a place that promotes self-sufficiency, craftsmanship, and a surfing experience of our own design.
Our first new video series is called “All Yew”. 2-4 minute shows about people making and riding a surf craft born from their imagination – anything from toliet lids to thrusters.
The second show is called “Surf Sufficient” and is a series of video tutorials showing tips and how to make, fix, and reuse all things surf from fixing up your old beach bicycle, getting the most fuel for your car, and making organic surf wax and sunblock.
These shows are both open to you to contribute so if you’d like to make your own surfboard/craft or would like to share how to make/fix/reuse something cool feel free to drop us a line at info@korduroy.tv
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