What The Sea Gives Me Teaser

We are excited to share an exclusive preview of Pierce Kavanagh’s latest film, What The Sea Gives Me. We caught up with Pierce to get a little backstory on the film and it’s expected release date. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

First thing’s first, what does the sea give you?

The sea is my past, present and future.

Since childhood, I was fortunate enough to grow up listening to the rising and falling tides so in a sense the ocean gave me my pulse. In all honesty, it’s always been difficult to adequately convey exactly what the sea really means to me so maybe that’s why I made this film.  I guess I wanted to hear it explained from others. 

Let me try again…until I met my beautiful wife Petra, nothing has ever even come close to what I have with the ocean.

Tell us a little bit about the new film?

WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME is a love story pure and simple.  

Everybody featured in the film has such an amazing life-long relationship with the ocean that we wanted to give a glimpse into these incredible journeys.  We were truly inspired and appreciative with the ensemble that agreed to share their personal stories, passions and concerns with us.  WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME branches out further than a surf film in order to capture the ocean in a much broader sense.  I would love for people to view the film because they are interested in oceanography but leave with a new found love for bodysurfing.  Or watch the film to see a Great White shark tagged and released and gain a respect for sailing across an open ocean.  I am hoping that in 20 years, I can shake the hand of the next Jacques Cousteau and have him tell me it all started with our film. 

How does this film differ from your last, Manufacturing Stoke?

MANUFACTURING STOKE is a search for truth in regards to sustainability in the surf industry.  It is a rally cry for individuals to reclaim their surf industry from the mega-corporations who tell us what surfing is supposed to mean.  In MANUFACTURING STOKE, we highlight an incredible group of individuals who are creating their own surf industry in a much more environmentally responsible manner.  I will admit, there is definitely an edge to “STOKE” but with WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME, we soften that edge a bit.  If scrutiny describes MANUFACTURING STOKE, then inspiration will sum up WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME.

Where did you travel to for the film? Who can we expect to see in it?

We traveled extensively around the coast of the United States.  The majority of our filming is from California, New England and Oahu although there are segments from South Africa, Mexico and the middle of the Pacific.

Without giving too much away, I will give you a list and very brief description:

  • Andre Barbieri – Paralympic Games hopeful
  • Matt Beard – Artist
  • Chris Burkard – Photographer
  • Crystal Thornburg-Homcy – Ocean ambassador
  • Dave Homcy – Filmmaker
  • Nichole Levinson – Mariner
  • Ryan Levinson – Mariner
  • Dave Marciano – Fisherman
  • Brett McBride – Great White shark researcher
  • Dr. Walter Munk – Oceanographer
  • Greg Noll – Big wave surfer
  • Angela Oschmann – Bodysurfer
  • Don King- Fishermen

When is the film coming out? Any touring planned?

The film will be completed right around the New Year.  We will have a couple local premieres planned for friends and family that have supported the film since it’s inception and then after that we will send it around the international film festival circuit.  MANUFACTURING STOKE was really well-recieved and was selected for over 35 international film festivals and I am hoping WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME will take a similar path.  The misfit pictures crew is hoping to tour with the film throughout Europe this summer but only time will tell.

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