What The Sea Gives Me

Filmmaker Pierce Kavanaugh (of Manufacturing Stoke & The San Diego Surf Film Festival) has set out to make his latest film, What The Sea Gives Me, a stunningly beautiful portrayal of the seemingly inexplicable relationship between ourselves and the sea. Pierce and his crew just launched a Kickstarter project to raise some funds for the film. Check it out!

WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME is a feature length documentary comprised of intimate and candid interviews with some of the ocean’s most extraordinary ambassadors.  We will give you an honest and personal look through the eyes of those who thrive under the most extreme water conditions, those ensuring the proper care of the oceans for future generations and those who simply derive a sense of pure joy from the sea.”

“Proposed interviews include Great White shark researcher Brett McBride, artist Matt Beard, photographer Chris Burkard, bodysurfer Angie Oschmann, conservationist Jean-Michelle Cousteau, free-diver Herbert Nitsch, oceanographer Walter Munk and many others. In addition to riveting personal interviews, we are filming in spectacular above-and-below-the-water locations around the world (South Africa, Greece, Fiji, Australia, Ireland, New England, California, and Hawaii) to display the natural beauty of the oceans. 
The goal of WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME is to raise ocean awareness on a global level while reminding the viewer how closely we are all connected to the sea; and, to introduce you to an unique group of people we find absolutely captivating.”

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