Why Kyle Thiermann Might Be Surfing’s Most Valuable Ambassador

“As a curly-haired grom growing up in Santa Cruz, Kyle Thiermann boldly championed causes like campaign finance reform and Net Neutrality. While his close friends pitched in to support, the surf community wasn’t exactly rallying around him in force. Philanthropy isn’t always “hip.” Thiermann says he still gets harassed on occasion for rocking a wetsuit during his own TED Talk.

But his results speak for themselves. Kyle’s efforts are responsible for transitioning $360M from Bank of America, which previously fueled destructive projects like a coal power plant poised to destroy a surf community in Peru. Instead, he discovered that funneling that cash into smaller local savings and loans banks would actually keep your money safe while financing positive projects.

He was a teenager when he did that.

Kyle has continued to pursue his passions – embracing surfing as a vessel to galvanize social and environmentally-conscious movements around the world. From GMOs to plastic pollution and beyond. Not to mention, he charges Maverick’s and has made it his mission of late to become a world class big-wave surfer. His next goal? He has his sights set on competing at Maverick’s.”

(Originally published by the The Interia, Sept 1, 2015)

Also – Be sure to check out the Kyle Thiermann show, a podcast that explores topics from ice swimming, hunting to save the environment to an interview with world class surfer, Jamie Mitchell.

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